Astropsychology Profile: The Serial Dater

In my last post I discussed the profile of a relationship seeker, someone who doesn’t date for fun, but a person who dates to find a long term mate. The relationship seeker tends to be monogamous, unlike the serial dater. The serial dater will date numerous people at the same time, even on the same day. They like to be around people, because they cannot stand to be alone. Yet, they avoid long term, monogamous relationships because they are afraid of real intimacy.

In a way, dating numerous people at the same time gives a serial dater a sense of control or power. They are the common factor in all of their relationships and they can choose whether or not to keep seeing a person or break up with them. Their string of short term relationships keep everything on a superficial level, and makes it non-progressive. If a serial dater wanted to change their ways and experience a real relationship, they would have to trust someone enough to let them in. Once that trust is gained, the chances of being in a committed relationship drastically increases and the serial dater becomes more like the relationship seeker.

Possible Serial Dater Placements: (Note: A person would need more than one of these placements to fit this profile.)

Aries Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, or Ascendant: Aries LOVES freedom, and that could include the freedom to date one or several people at a time. An Aries can view a relationship as a ball and chain and this leads them to avoid committing to another person.

Gemini Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, or Ascendant: Gemini can be fickle and if there is a sense of monotony creeping into a relationship, they might just leave the relationship in search of stimulation. Geminis like their personal space and if this is invaded, you will push them away.

Leo Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, or Ascendant: Leo, the lion, loves the hunt that comes with dating, they like to chase potential prey. They enjoy the chase so much that it would take a special person to stop them from hunting, to get them to settle down, to end the hunt.

Sagittarius Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, or Ascendant: A Sadge tends to keep their relationships on a superficial level, where emotions can’t get involved. They are like the Gemini, in the fact that they need constant stimulation. Once something becomes boring, they are a searching for a way out.

Aquarius Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, or Ascendant: Aquarians can be loners. They prefer to be mental rather than emotional so they can seem detached to others. They need personal space and believe that everyone should do their own thing, whether it’s dating one or several people at a time.

Moon square Venus- These people have very strong emotions and fear that they will lose control of them if they allow them to surface. This causes these people to have superficial relationships, because they fear someone will play on their emotions or that they will lose their freedom.

Venus conjunct Mars- It is so easy for these people to get a mate since they ooze sensuality and sexuality. This aspect can make someone a serial dater since they have a magnetic effect to draw people in. They can live to go on dates, love the air of romance, or be in love with love itself.

Venus square Mars- These people have very high ideals when it comes to a love relationship and if they don’t feel that their partners are up to their standard they move onto another partner. They live to be in relationships and really hate being alone, they like having someone to share their passion with.

To check the relevance of these placements look to your natal and progressed chart. Your natal chart would show the blueprint of who you were as a child, and the progressed chart shows the evolution of who you are now. (For example- My natal chart has an Aries Sun and I hate having any of my freedoms infringed upon. If anything becomes stifling, and that includes a  relationship, I get out as fast as I can. To me freedom is the equivalent of oxygen, I cannot live without it. Hence the bold words and caps).

Look to your charts and the charts of people you know, and see if one of you fit the relationship seeker profile. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to submit them. Have a great day!


2 comments on “Astropsychology Profile: The Serial Dater

    • Hi Moovie, I would consider your Venus and Mars to be conjunct each other despite the 5°47′ difference between them. Conjunctions are allowed the widest orb out of all of the aspects in astrology, usually between a 6° to 8° orb. Thanks for your kind words and for reading my blog.

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